To unite all colleagues within our group to strive to reach their potential and support our goal of putting the customer first. A group that achieves sustainable and profitable growth, nurtures differences, grasps all opportunities and embraces change – with a view to building a legacy for the future.


To be the No.1 General Insurance Services Provider and the most innovative provider of insurance in the UK.


The acronym E.F.F.O.R.T serves as a blueprint for all of us here at BGLi: Embrace, Focus, Fun, Own, Responsible, Teamwork. We make it our mission to live to these values through everything we do, creating a great place to work for all colleagues.


Our People

“Supporting our local communities and the charities we are most passionate about has always been in the BGLi DNA. Individually our people already make a tremendous difference through donations as well as volunteering their time, but we’re really excited about what we can achieve and the difference we can make together.” – Emily Taylor, ESG Engagement Manager