Andrew Parkin

Five years on and I love working for BGL
I was one of the first to participate in what was then called the “Fusion Pathway” programme nearly five years ago. 

I found out about the opportunity through meetings with Michael Bullard the Finance Director at Ormiston Bushfield Academy during my time there.

From discussions with people that worked at BGL, I knew there were lots of opportunities within the business to move to different departments and try new things – that was the main thing that attracted me as I knew I’d get a feel for lots of areas and that would help me figure out the right opportunity for me. 

The usual length of the Pathway programme is two years, but after a year and a half an opportunity to accept a full-time role came up in my current team, Business Technology. I accepted the role and have been with the team ever since.

The great thing about Pathway is that it enables you to gain experience and skills across many different disciplines. My role in Business Technology means I now deliver the technologies and capabilities that BGL Customer Services use to provide a better service to our customers including SMS and Virtual Assistant. 

When I first joined BGL, everyone was very welcoming and helpful - the company definitely knows how to look after its staff. My view hasn’t changed, five years on and I still love working for BGL. My team are all a pleasure to work with and the support provided for my development and learning is great. I also enjoy the variety of projects I am able to work on.

My biggest achievements so far are passing my Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) qualification, passing my project management qualification (APMP), being nominated for a BGL award for a video chat initiative and successfully delivering virtual assistant capability for Budget.

If you are unclear about what you want to do, I would 100% recommend getting on to the Pathway programme. It’s eye opening and gives you so much hands-on experience that looks great on your CV and is relevant to a number of different job roles.
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