Prepare before the day

Build up an understanding of the Group by exploring our website, visiting our social media channels and researching our products and services. Plan your journey, think about your travel route and ensure you arrive on time. Your assessment day is the ideal opportunity to ask questions, so prepare a couple in advance.

Show us your potential

During the assessment day you'll take part in a range of activities including group exercises, interviews and presentations. These activities are a great way for us to discover more about you so let your dazzling personality shine through!

Contribute to the day

During the group activities it's sometimes difficult to voice your opinion with other people trying to do the same thing, but make sure you get your point across and share your ideas in a firm but polite manner. If you don't contribute to the group discussion, it will be hard for us to assess you for that particular activity.

Ask for feedback

Our apprenticeship schemes are very competitive and unfortunately not everyone who makes it to an assessment day can be offered a role. If you've not been selected then we're happy to provide you with feedback that could help you with future applications.

Find the right apprenticeship for you

We will give you the skills and support you need to unlock a bright future that’s full of opportunities and new experiences. You will obtain qualifications without incurring debt, be paid a competitive salary and have fun along the way.

If this sounds like a career path for you then browse through our apprenticeship schemes below.

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