BGL encourages ambition and creativity

Jack Anderson, Software Development Engineer, Insurance Distribution and Outsourcing.

“I have been in software development and testing for over 16 years across a range of sectors and companies, in that time I haven’t come across a company as committed to quality as BGL. There is a genuine desire and commitment at all levels, from the top down, to improve processes and tools to aid the teams build excellent products and services for our customers. 

This enthusiasm manifests itself in tangible support and resources to make the, sometimes challenging, changes of quality at the forefront of the development process. 

Personally, this has been a refreshing and energising change to see quality as an integral part of the development process. There is genuine encouragement to be ambitious and creative in finding innovative solutions and improvements, all in a friendly and open atmosphere.

The combination of an honest, fun, engaging culture with a challenging, ambitious ethos makes BGL an invigorating place to work. BGL is a place I feel I can openly question and contribute to the direction of the company, I feel invested in the changes made and my contributions are valued by the team and Group. ”

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