BGL’s Technology Graduate Programme: A day at the assesment centre

Processes, tips and advice from our current technology intake, when applying for the BGL Graduate Scheme. 

Finishing university is an interesting time in your life, not only are you close to graduating and finally having your degree, but you also start wondering about entering the world of business and hence look forward to applying for jobs. The continuous advances in technology have revolutionised today’s world by enhancing the way we live, work and interact with each other; thus Technology Graduate Programme seems to be increasingly popular year on year - not only providing valuable experience, but bridging the gap between life in academia and work within a business environment. This opportunity to build your career prospects is very appealing, but between the graduate and the graduate scheme lies the challenge of applying. 

Graduate programmes usually take you through a more demanding process during the recruitment process; it is, therefore, vital that you feel every bit prepared before you start your journey. Here I will guide you through any challenges that you might need to overcome. After all it’s best to take advice from someone who’s already been in your shoes and has succeeded. 

The tech scheme is designed to challenge both your knowledge and skills. The ability to make executive decisions in short time periods requires not only good analytical thinking, but a strong perspective of what the underlying problem is. Organisation is the key to success, so make sure you give yourself enough time prior the assessment centre to get ready, and that you prepare undisturbed in a quiet environment. 

During your day at the assessment centre, there will be a mixture of group activities that assess your team skills and ability to work using agile practices; but remember it’s not all about being the loudest. Being one of the quiet ones myself, I can assure you that the assessors are not looking for the loudest person in the room but rather someone who shows key attention to detail and the task at hand. As long as you’re committed to the team and are working hard to solve the problem, you will be noticed.

The second half of the day involves the final interview and a presentation that you will be required to complete beforehand. Typically, this is on your final year dissertation or a topic you have a particular interest in. One of the biggest pieces of advice I can give you for this stage, is to be yourself. Remember that this is your presentation and that you have spent all year studying this topic at university, so be confident in your knowledge and ability to present. The interview will be aimed around technology so be aware of the latest trends and issues in the IT industry; however, note that the assessors are also interested in you as a person. Be honest, be enthusiastic and, most of all, show them how you are determined to succeed.

Honesty is what makes you unique and stand out from the crowd. Remember you aren’t expected to know everything, but rather to have the potential and enthusiasm to learn. It is useful to research the company online beforehand, to help you to get a look at and feel of the company’s organizational culture. Also, remember to go over your CV as that’s what led the company’s interest toward you in the first place, so you should know it inside out and, be able to relate to it during the interview.

Have some examples of any challenges that you have faced, typically at university, or personally, and how you have overcome them through the use of technology.  It is often useful to relate this to a university project that you have worked on, either individually, or in a group, and emphasise on how you used your listed skills to deliver the end goal.

Knowledge is power so do your research beforehand, but above all your determination and passion for a career in technology at BGL will shine through and make you genuine in the eyes of the assessors.



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