Top tips for applying to a marketing graduate programme

Grad job applications can be daunting and time consuming but we’re here to give you some top tips on applying to the marketing programme!

As unnerving as they may first appear, those graduate job applications are the first step on to a fantastic career you’re passionate about.

Marketing is a particularly competitive field and it can be hard to stand out. In a previous blog, Ashley, a member of our current grad intake, gave us an overview of the application process at BGL. Whilst this was for finance, the same processes and principles apply for our marketing scheme.

Firstly you will begin by completing an application form, followed by a telephone interview, psychometric testing and finally an assessment centre. We’ve put our heads together and come up with some ‘top tips’ for the application process to help advise anyone thinking of applying to our marketing scheme: 

  • Be prepared to talk about latest industry trends

As the famous saying goes, ‘fail to prepare and prepare to fail’. When it comes to your interview, it’s your time to shine. You have the chance to demonstrate your knowledge of the industry and trends you think are important or upcoming. Think about how these trends might affect the company - bonus point if you can think of creative solutions on how to tackle and react to the trends.

  • Show your interest

It’s important to show why you want the role and if you’re passionate about the discipline then, this bit should be a breeze! This will be the start of your career, so why do you want to start it here? Be sure to show how you can add value to the company, after all, they have to make the decision to hire you above everyone else. What is unique about you? This might not be something you have to say outright, but it should come across in your answers and experiences. 

  • On that note; research BGL Group’s purpose and the values

Unfortunately it’s not just about why you want the job. It’s about why you’re right for the role. The values are really important to everyone here at BGL and the Group are looking for candidates that can demonstrate these qualities throughout everything they do.

  • Spend time working on your social profiles e.g. LinkedIn Profile

During the application processes, your LinkedIn profile may be reviewed at so make sure you are presenting yourself well to the professional world. This is a snapshot of your achievements so in the same way you should take your time when writing your application, you want to spend time on your LinkedIn profile.
When applying to marketing, it’s also important to work on all your social profiles, especially if they are public. Marketing is moving further into the digital age - demonstrate what you know, especially on twitter. It’s also a great way to get across some of your personality outside of assessment. 

  • Say thank you

This is key, particularly after the assessment centre. Applicants often forget to thank their interviewer, but this professional courtesy can take you a long way. Thank them for their time and consideration and show them you enjoyed yourself. If anything else, it’ll put you at the forefront of the assessors mind after they’ve seen all the applicants.

Applications are hard work. That’s just the truth; particularly on top of everything else you have going on in your last year at university. But if you follow Ashley’s advice, and some of these tips, hopefully it might be just that little bit easier. 

Our top tip? Above all, be you. This is what will really shine through; it’s hard to fake your personality and the assessors will know. Your personality is something that will set you aside from the other applicants and make you stand out.

And finally, good luck!

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