A day in the life of a BGL Marketing Graduate

So you’ve made it, you’re now officially an adult with an actual job, a desk and your very own industrial stapler you never realised you’d be so excited to have. But what does said adult actually do in a day?
Hopefully this blog will help give you a little insight into just that. The marketing grad scheme is great because it covers such an array of disciplines so all of our days are very different. It’s hard to summarise everything we do so we thought we’d give you a snapshot instead:

8:30-10am Gaby (Marketing Planning and Performance, LesFurets.com)

One of my daily tasks is to create and send a report called the Marketing Performance Update. This report updates our key stakeholders on the performance of our marketing channels from the day before. After I’ve had a short coffee break and a croissant (true Parisian style, there’s almost always croissants in the office!) I have a stand up with my team about the tasks we have for the day ahead or where we can support each other in meeting our deadlines. This gives a great overview on what everyone is working on and gives me the opportunity to get involved in other tasks that sound interesting. Then it’s time to get started on the reports for the month and going to speak to different people around the office (in French of course!) to find the most up-to-date information to report. Don’t worry the French office is only small, there’s about 80 people here so you get to know everyone and have the opportunity to work with most people around the office, which I love!

10am-1pm Joe (Partnerships, Compare the Market)

I get to work across the different reward schemes offered to customers of Compare the Market. These are Meerkat Meals, Meerkat Movies and anything that involves the production of Meerkat Toys, big and small! We normally meet with the CRM team, the Comms team and the PR team to discuss movie activity and then liaising with movie studios to support their films (sounds very Hollywood, I know!). I also get to talk to different cinemas to encourage people to use Meerkat Movies. As you may have seen, we recently launched Meerkat Meals, so a large part of my time is spent working with restaurant chains and independents to get them on board with the programme, which sets me up nicely for thinking about what’s for lunch! 

1-3pm Charlotte (Brand & Communications, Compare the Market)

Every week on a Tuesday the comms team has a meeting with our creative agency, VCCP, to have an update on the progress of our Meerkat Movies activities. Depending on if we’re running a campaign this could include anything from talking about radio scripts for stars, or social display banners highlighting our key messaging around Meerkat Movies. It’s really exciting working with the agencies and it’s a great way to work on your stakeholder management skills when setting expectations and timelines. product team get together for a team lunch.  

3-5pm Ashley (Marketing Planning, BeagleStreet.com)

On Tuesdays, I head down to London for our weekly planning meeting with leading digital agency, Wavemaker. Their offices are based right on Southbank and have amazing views over the Thames, so this always adds a touch of glamour to my week (and an exciting lunch!). We meet to assess activity performance and optimize our TV strategy, as well as our presence on all our digital channels. Although I’m mainly focused on the performance of our TV marketing activity, these meetings have been a great way to learn about our other digital channels and get exposure to agency life.  

This was a whirlwind snapshot featuring some of the exciting tasks and activities we get to do in a day, however, it’s also important to manage expectations. An office job isn’t always the most thrilling and there are days with little glamour but this is the same with any job. Unfortunately all of those Suits and Gossip Girl episodes you’ve binged on may not be your day-to-day. But don’t lose faith! The difference with BGL is having ownership over what you can aspire to achieve in each rotation. All of your objectives and goals are planned out with your line manager and tailored to you, they aren’t just cookie-cutter lists of insane goals handed to you. BGL want you to succeed and they want to help you become the Harvey Spectre of marketing. Which is why there’s opportunities to go and explore other areas of BGL’s vast business portfolio through info sessions on different departments. 

There’s also one thing all of the past and current grads have in common, we’re all ambitious, pro-active and resilient. If there’s a part of our rotations we don’t love (and there will always be parts of every career pathway you don’t love) we find ways to make it more enjoyable or a way to get the best skills out of it. Yes, even the most monotonous tasks can provide invaluable experience. Apart from all of this, the grad community is great. Having a network of like-minded people who will challenge, motivate and support you will make the world of difference when you’re starting a brand new job away from the comfort of that student bubble.

So what is a day in the life of marketing? It’s a day full of challenges, rewards, set-backs, motivational pep-talks from your pals, achievements and the odd celebratory pint.

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