A day in the life of a digital grad by Tom Alcock and Rosie Camidge.

In our latest blog post, we give you an insight into what it’s like in the day-to-day life of a graduate on BGL’s digital graduate scheme. Tom and Rosie have shared their experiences to date. 

Here's what Tom had to say about his experience...

I have a technical background but I have always wanted to learn and understand how customers use technology, which is why I chose the Digital graduate scheme – It involves learning how and why customers interact with technology. You don’t have to have a technical background like me to choose this scheme, but I guess the one thing you do need is the ability to question situations and ask why are we doing things in that way. This is how you can learn and understand why customers are interacting with us the way they are, when they use BGL’s digital products and services. 

For my first rotation at BGL I have been working in Compare the Market within the Motor team. This team covers all things motor on the website – Car, Van, Bike and Breakdown. Within the team there are the technical people who develop the software, the Delivery Managers who make sure the technical people are delivering all the updates on time, and finally the Product Owners – which is where I’m supporting. 

A Product Owner’s key responsibilities include understanding how our customers use their specific product and come up with new ideas to improve the customer experience. It also involves analysing and understanding the latest trends with customers, what our competitors are doing, and working with people across multiple departments. 

My role is to work alongside the Product Owners in the Motor team to help them come up with new ideas for improving the product, analysing customer complaints, presenting customer feedback to other departments in the business and much more besides. It’s a really varied role that challenges your skillset, develops and deepens your existing knowledge and it’s a great way to network and meet new people. 

Life as a Digital Graduate at BGL is challenging, demanding, insightful and, most importantly, fun. Everyone I’ve worked with has been really helpful and will always answer my questions and will make time for me to learn and expand my skills and knowledge. The scheme is perfect if you want to experience all aspects of the business from a customer point of view, and allows you to see your ideas come to life on the various digital platforms BGL uses. BGL is definitely a great place to work for graduates, and in fact for anyone wanting to work for a forward-thinking business. 

Here's what Rosie had to say...

I studied French and Psychology at university and worked in a couple of marketing roles before joining BGL on the Digital graduate programme. I initially came across Digital when I learnt to design, build and analyse SEO and customer-friendly webpages during a marketing internship. I quickly realised that I was fascinated by websites, so I asked to work on more SEO/UX projects and in my spare time I learnt basic code (which is surprisingly similar to learning French!). 

I had considered the Marketing graduate programme, but as I researched the different programmes available, my interest in websites paired with the similarities between digital research and psychology persuaded me to choose Digital. In a nutshell – I love creative design, research and insight and the human element of understanding what makes our customers happy.

I’m just over two months into my first rotation, which is with the SEO team at Compare the Market. Search engine optimisation, or SEO for short, is working on site content and function so that customers can find us through Google and enjoy interacting with new and informative content. The Recruitment team matched my previous experience to this rotation, so it was a helpful to start the programme in a familiar area where I can draw on prior knowledge to inform my work.

In my rotation I contribute to projects across three different branches of the team: Technical SEO, Content and Digital PR. In the Technical SEO branch, I report on our SERP rankings (how we are doing on Google) and investigate ways to optimise the site for search engines. For the Content team, I help to publish new pages by researching keywords and optimising layout for SEO. With Digital PR, I started by reporting on campaign performance and contributing to the ideation process and will soon be taking my own campaign from ideation to publishing.

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