A day in the life of a BGL Finance Graduate

An insight into BGL's Graduate Finance Scheme by Luke Pitchford

As a graduate at the BGL group and from my experience of rotating through the different business units, it has become vividly clear that there is no such thing as a typical day in finance. My current role (as with every other finance employee) revolves heavily around month end reporting. Depending on the proximity to this, the workload increases significantly. 

My experiences so far have highlighted the complexity and enormity of knowledge required to be successful in the financial profession. Without conforming to all of the typical clichés, everyday genuinely provides a new learning opportunity. Personal development and mental stimulation are, therefore, not on my radar of concern. If this constant absorption of new knowledge from practical experience and industry experts does not suffice, there are many professional courses available to gain a theoretical underpinning.

The vast majority of my daily tasks revolve around preparing or reporting the month’s figures. This comprises of a large amount of problem solving to rectify issues and ad hoc tasks from colleagues, as the purpose of my role is to provide management with a wealth of information to make informed decisions and accurately plan for future trends.

As a graduate, my role does not finish with studying for exams and fulfilling my work role commitments. I am committed to the progression of the graduate scheme at BGL through being a brand ambassador, talking to potential applicants at career & University events, creating engaging content for our social media platforms and getting involved with our graduate project for the year. After office hours there’s a lively social scene with the graduates, so there aren’t many evenings where you are stuck for something to do! The social commitments do, however, have to take a back seat to studying for upcoming accountancy exams but I am confident it will be worth it in the long term.

Finance is a fast paced, dynamic and interesting department that provides an opportunity to professionally progress and develop. My experience so far has taught me that the common perception of the financial work environment being dull is untrue. The combination of the above commitments, working with talented people and the amount of opportunities makes for a stimulating, satisfying and rewarding day in the life of finance.

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