Frequently Asked Questions


When does the Graduate programme start and how long does it last?
Our Graduate programmes start in September and last between 18 months and three years. Please refer to the specific programme advert for details.

Is there a deadline for applications?
Yes – please refer to the specific programme advert.

Will I be given feedback if my application is unsuccessful?
We will respond to all applications but unfortunately, due to the high number of applications we receive, we are only able to offer individual feedback to candidates who attend one of our assessment centres.

Where will I be based?
Most of our programmes will be based at our Headquarters in Peterborough. Please refer to the specific programme advert for details.

Do you offer relocation assistance at the start of the programme?
We’ll support you through a network that includes a Graduate buddy and a pre-start welcome day. However, we expect our Graduates to arrange their own accommodation as this is a personal choice.

Are your programmes rotational?
Typically, yes. The number of rotations are dependent on the programme.

Do you offer international programmes?
For advanced French speakers, there may be an opportunity on our Marketing programme to complete a rotation in our Paris office.

What happens when the Graduate programme is over?
Our objective is to develop the industry professionals of the future. The programme is designed to set you up for a career at BGL Group.

Do you offer university placements?
Not currently. However, do keep checking our website as this may change in the future.

Do you offer summer or work experience placements?
Unfortunately, we do not currently offer summer or work experience placements.  

How many Graduates do you recruit?
We typically recruit 2-4 Graduates per programme, but this can vary.

What are your entry requirements?
We don’t have any requirements on where you have studied, the subject or the grade you achieved. We’re looking for a passion to be a future leader in the area you’ve applied for.

What UCAS points do I need?
You don’t need specific UCAS points for any of our programmes.

What if I have a disability or learning difference?
There are multiple opportunities throughout our recruitment process to notify us if you require adjustments. We’ll work with you to make any appropriate arrangements.

Any information you give us will only be used to consider adjustments and will not affect your application.

I'm a mature student. Can I apply?
Of course!

I finished my degree a few years ago. Can I still apply?

I already work at BGL Group – can I apply?
Absolutely! You can apply via our internal careers portal.

Application process

What does the application process involve?
The application process starts with an online application form, which is followed by online tests and a telephone interview. The final stage is attending an assessment centre.

Please note this is subject to change.

What vacancies can I apply for with my degree discipline?
To date, we’ve welcomed Graduates onto our programmes from over 40 different universities and over 70 different courses.

If you think you’d fit BGL’s culture and values and have a passion to be a future leader in the area of our programmes, then why not consider applying?

Can I apply for more than one programme?

Is my application reviewed by a member of the Recruitment team or an automated system?
All applications are reviewed by a member of the Talent Development team. They are then reviewed at a later stage in the process by relevant members of the business.

What happens once I've applied?
You'll receive an email confirming we've received your application. If your application has been successful, we'll invite you to complete our online tests.

What details will I need to provide at the application stage?
As well as submitting your CV, we'll ask you to confirm a few details about the eligibility requirements for the role (such as right to work), why you want to start a career in that area and some situational judgement questions.

Online test: how can I adjust the online test if I have a disability or health condition?
When you are invited to take the test, you’ll be given the opportunity to let us know of any requirements before you begin. We’ll then look at how we can support you.

Online test: what happens if I experience any technical problems with the test?
If you have any technical issues with accessing or completing the test, please tell us as soon as possible so that we can help.

Online test: how long will I have to complete the tests?
You will typically have five days to complete the test. Please note that the test must be completed in one session.

Assessment centre: what happens on the day of the assessment centre and who will be there?
We recognise that whilst we are assessing you for a role with BGL, you’ll still be assessing whether we are the right employer for you. As a result, we structure our assessment centres to give you lots of opportunities to find out more about us and our programmes.

The agenda for the day normally includes:
  • Interview
  • Group Exercise
  • Written test or Technical test
  • Presentation
 All our assessors are chosen because they know our programmes; as a line manager, mentor, programme alumni, project sponsor or HR colleague.

Assessment centre: what will I need to take with me to the assessment centre?
We’ll let you know what to bring in your invitation email.

Assessment centre: what should I wear?
Our dress code is ‘dress for your day’ – we don’t expect everyone to wear a suit. Wear whatever you feel will help you excel at an assessment centre, where you could meet potential future managers, mentors and colleagues.

Whilst there are few guidelines, some things are obviously not suitable such as sportswear, anything too revealing or anything that may cause offence to others. 

I'm thinking of taking a year out after I graduate. Can I defer my offer for a year?
We ideally want you to start working with us on the agreed start date. However, we will consider deferring job offers on an individual basis.

What happens between accepting my offer and starting on the programme?
We want to ensure you get the BGL welcome when you join us. Before you start, you’ll be introduced to your fellow Graduates, assigned a BGL Graduate buddy and be invited to attend a pre-start welcome day.

Programme support

What training and development will I receive?
Our Graduate programmes offer a rigorous personal and professional development programme. For more details, please refer to the programme specific advert.

Will I receive any other form of support?
Your support network will include:
  • Rotation line manager
  • Mentor
  • BGL Graduate buddy 
  • Programme sponsor
Our Talent Development team will also support you throughout your time on the Graduate scheme, from recruitment through to the end of programme.
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