Learning on the job thanks to BGL’s RPG Academy

Emma Partridge joined BGL three months ago after she found out about the RPG Academy via a friend who worked at BGL. Unhappy in her job, and knowing she had an interest in IT, the Academy was the perfect opportunity.  Read about her journey here…

“I found out about the academy through someone I know who works for BGL. They recommended the role to me as they knew I was unhappy where I was, and looking for something new and challenging career-wise; I wanted something IT-based but I was struggling to get anywhere as I had no real IT experience, so this was perfect for me!

I started in February and haven’t looked back. In my previous role I was a sales consultant – now, after 12 weeks training, I’m a Junior RPG Developer based in the BGL Service Delivery Team. The Academy taught the entire basics of the RPG programming language, which was entirely new to me. We also gained understanding of programming logic, how programs are structured, built and run, how to code a program from scratch and how to maintain code, and the importance of “clean” (efficient) coding to the business. 

Our course finished at the beginning of May and now I have been assigned to my team as a Junior RPG Developer where essentially I get to learn whilst on the job. I have a mentor within my team, who gives me guidance on pretty much any questions I may have relevant to my job as well as any technical assistance I may need. I also have a mentor outside of my team that helps me with my personal development. He’s on hand to support me if I want a different perspective or just want to bounce ideas off if I don’t want to initially explore them with my direct team. 

My team and co-workers are extremely helpful and it’s been really easy to settle into life at BGL. I have some family and friends who work at BGL and have always heard really great things about them as an employer. My observations of their career progression and growth is what really excited me and influenced my decision to apply. Having watched them transition upwards through the company at their own pace, I thought that’s what I also want. 

If you are even remotely considering it, then just go for it, there’s nothing to lose! Don’t let a lack of experience hold you back. If you manage to get to the point where you are in the Academy, then you deserve to be there. We were all told before we began that it would be very hard at times, and whilst it can be daunting, there is tonnes of support given; there are so many people here at BGL that look out for you and want to help you succeed. 

I have never seen another company offer a role of this kind that gives such room for growth, and it really is entirely what you make it. You just need to have the thirst for knowledge and be up for a challenge.”

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