Career Progression at BGL Group

Danielle Taylor from our 2013 Marketing Graduate Programme, has quickly progressed in the BGL Group and is now a Senior Manager at Read more on her story here.

Tell us a little bit about your time on the programme

I joined BGL Group as part of the 2013 cohort of the Graduate Marketing programme. During my 18 months on the scheme I completed rotations in Beagle Street, and our former Dutch business

One of my favourite moments was working on a project for where we developed video on demand creative for Aleksandr to interact personally with our customers depending on their location. Aleksandr could be speaking with someone say in Manchester and he would know to reference Coronation Street.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time on the graduate programme and I got to work with some amazing people.

What’s life been like since you completed the scheme?

It’s been a whirlwind – the last year has flown by. Upon finishing the scheme I joined as a Senior Marketing Planning Executive. This was an incredibly busy time for with the imminent launch of Meerkat Movies.

In April 2015 I was offered the chance to work with one of BGL Group's newest brands, Beagle Street. I joined the team in May as a Marketing Planning Manager and went straight in the thick of helping to build the brand. 

Later in that year, I was promoted to Senior Manager in another part of the group, the Brand Led Pillar that looks after our Les Furets business and any new market opportunities. I spent a year in a planning role liaising with our friends over the channel, in order to maximise their media opportunities.

Recently, I’ve moved back to where I’m once again working on the marketing planning activities, this time in a leadership role as Senior Manager. 

If you could give any advice to someone starting out their post studies marketing career what would it be?

Be naturally curious and always look for opportunities to develop yourself. If I don’t know the answer to a question I will always research the matter and find an answer or solution. It’s easy to fire off questions to your manager to get an answer quickly but you can sometimes gain much more by using your initiative.
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